15 "Punny" and Clever DIY Valentines for Kids

Christmas is boxed up until December, finally. So what's up next? Valentine's Day! The Valentine wreath already adorns our front door; the remaining decorations will be out in a few days. But in the meantime...

Are you looking for some creative and unique valentines for your kids to distribute this year? Store-bought valentines are okay in a pinch, but how about doing some DIY creations using a variety of items you can get in the dollar section of Target or your local dollar store? Or how about some clever things to do with the usual candy treats?

Well, consider me your one-stop idea shop! I have 15 "punny" and clever ideas for you! (I, of course, located all these fabulous finds on Pinterest.) And almost every one provides a printable for you, either free or for purchase. Oh happy day!

I've listed my 15 favorites by valentine content, be it candy or non-candy in no particular order. Here goes...

1. Glow Necklaces or Bracelets

May The Force Be With You

The boys actually used these "Forceful" valentines last year and they were a huge hit. I loved that they did not involve more candy and they were so perfect for my Star Wars-obsessed little men. Holly at Stitch/Craft even has links for you to download the pdf file (in color and black and white) for your own use. Thank you Holly!

2. Hot Wheels or Matchbox Cars

I "Wheelie" Like You or You Make My Heart Race

Thirty Handmade Days
These car valentines are not just for the boys anymore! I know several girls from BOTH of my boys' classes who would love to get these valentines. And how fun for the boys to pick out their favorite cars at the store to include in them? Mique at Thirty Handmade Days provides the bag topper printables for free in her Freebies section. But I suggest that you don't just stop there. You absolutely MUST check out her other fabulous printables that include travel bingo, gift tags and quotes.

3. Smarties Candy

Smartie Pants

Tip Junkie
These Smartie Pants valentines are just a hoot and Laurie at Tip Junkie has an excellent tutorial on how to create these DIY valentines. There are 2 versions of it also, a 3D version, like pictured above, and a non-3D version if you don't want to do as much cutting. The printables are there for you to use and her instructions are great. They'll take a little time and patience, but oh, how fabulous!

4. Swedish Fish (or Goldfish Crackers)

You're the Only Fish in the Sea for Me

I spent a lot of time on Juliann's blog, Faboolous, after clicking on the above image from Pinterest. I just love her site and ideas and her style. So many great printables for holidays and helpful hints. You absolutely must visit her shop, PBJ and J on Etsy too - the items she has are just too cute for mere words. That is where you'll be able to purchase the adorable printable for the fishy valentines!

5. Teddy Grahams or Gummi Bears

Bear Hugs or You're Beary Nice

These bear-themed valentines found on Spoonful.com were ones that stuck out to me because they are simple, easy and perfect for the kids to do all on their own. Just get a plastic baggie, fancy up a regular twist-tie with some cute washi tape and have the kids handwrite a tag adorned with heart stickers. It will keep the kids occupied and you'll get some time to catch up on dishes or check email while they're at it. Spponful.com has Valentine ideas of all varieties: games, printables, crafts, recipes...you name it, it's probably there. Not surprising since it's part of the Disney family of sites and products. I go to this site quite frequently for family and kid-friendly ideas to pass the time on vacation days, and to help me in planning classroom parties.

6. Plastic Wild Animals

Hippo Valentines Day or I'm Wild About You Valentine

Design Mom
Gabrielle at Design Mom posted these on her blog two years ago, but they are making their way around Pinterest again due to the upcoming holiday. Too cute and I love her play on words with each animal. You could pick up a box or bag of animals from the local dollar spot I'd imagine, but I think even Michael's carries a tube of animals that are not too pricey either. Gabrielle has a 4-page pdf available for you to download for free so you can make these adorable valentines yourself. Isn't she sweet?

7. Coloring Crayons, Glitter, Bubbles (or Bubble Gum) and Band-Aids

You Color My World, You Blow My Mind, You Make the World Sparkle

Prudent Baby
Some plastic bags with crayons, glitter, bubbles or band-aids are all you need to make these awesome valentines. Just print and cut out the bag toppers, yours free from Prudent Baby, fill the bag with your chosen item and voila! Easy-peasy, darling valentines. LOVE.

And how about these cuties?

You Blow Me Away Valentine

My Sister's Suitcase
Nat and Holly at My Sister's Suitcase have a blog that covers the gamut, but I must say I just love their printables, upcycling ideas and ideas for kids. These bubble valentines are super cute and would of course be nice with the liquid bubble mix as pictured, but you could even fill a bag with bubble gum balls or Double Bubble. It's a cute pun either way.

8. Googley Eyes or a Miniature Magnifying Glass

I've Got My Eye on You, Valentine

AR Mommy
Well, how is it that I never found this great site before? It's totally up my alley. Thank you, Pinterest, for exposing me to such greatness. Rae has an enormous variety of printables available to you, but I think these googley eye ones are my favorite. Check them ALL out here. (Order by Feb. 3 to guarantee you get your order in time for the 14th.)

{I sooo would like to get back into sewing. (Sidenote:When my niece Abby was here for Christmas, she asked me if I still had my old sewing machine? Why, yes! yes, I do. Hasn't been used in YEARS. But out of the garage it came and on to the table it went, and Abby was able to complete her Home Ec project in just a few minutes. I was so happy it still worked - and was amazed how easily everything came back to me.) AR Mommy is now saved in my Favorites and I have visited frequently the last few days for inspiration! I digress...}

I've Got My Eyes On You

Dandee Designs
I love these magnifying glass valentines from Dandee Designs. Danyelle has the pdf file for you to download right there in the post, so be sure to click on the photo above to get yours, and she mentions that she got the magnifying glasses at her local party supply store. Too. Darn. Cute.

9. Pop Rocks (or even Rock Candy Sticks -do they even make that anymore?)

You Rock, Valentine

A Small Snippet
Leana at A Small Snippet came up with these simple and sweet valentines that use one of my all-time favorite candies from when I was a young lass. She even has the bag toppers on her site as a free printable. How can you go wrong?

Lisa Storms at Fiskars made these rockin' valentines with her Pop Rocks:

You rock, Valentine!

Lisa has step-by-step instructions on how to create the paper wrap to fit around the Pop Rocks and how cute are the music notes that have been added? They really make the valentine POP, don't you think? (Tee hee hee.)

10. Single-Serve Cereal Boxes

I "Cereal"sly Like You

Best Friends for Frosting
This is such an adorable idea - Melissa Johnson at Best Friends for Frosting has these posted for a slumber party favor, but wouldn't they be adorable for a unique valentine? Just add a little tag with the valentine sentiment to the ribbon and you've got a huge score! I love how she personalized the spoons too. So extremely creative and cool. I wish I could be like her. ;)

11. Kool Aid or Kool Aid On The Go

Have a Kool Valentine's Day or You Sure are Kool

Moms by Heart
Well these are just too darn sweet. Paired with a silly straw, these Kool valentines are sure to be a favorite of all the kids this year. There's even a printable for ya! You know how I LOVE those!

12. Fancy Pencils

Glittered Cupid Arrows

Sweet Muffin Suite
Glittered pencils, usually located in packs of 8 or 10 can be found in the dollar area at Target. You could even use patterned pencils to make these adorable valentines. I don't know about you, but my boys are WAY into pencils and erasers so these may be the valentine of choice this year. Pauline Grayson, aka Muffin, even has the arrows on her site ready for you to download and use for free. Isn't she the greatest? Thanks Muffin!

13. Goldfish Crackers

Will You "ofishally" Be Mine?"

Tammy Mitchell Designs
Well aren't these little pillow box valentines just adorable? You can get the pillow boxes in Tammy's shop and she has the tag printable available for download here. I love this take on the "fish" theme, and you could even mix and match it with the Swedish Fish valentine listed above! How fun is that?

14. M&Ms or Skittles or Reese's Pieces

Valentine Tic-Tac-Toe

Creations by Kara

Used as place markers in this cute little printable Tic-Tac-Toe Game, any bite-sized candy will be a treat. Kara has the game board and bag toppers on her site for your use. I'd use a zipper plastic baggie to enclose the game board and the candies in one spot.

15. Felt Mustaches

I "mustache" you a question...

Craft Monkey
With the popularity of mustaches these days, how can I not include this adorable idea from Heidi at her Craft Monkey blog. (She got the idea from another great blog Tidbits from the Tremaynes.) I love that she has a picture of her handsome valentine distributor on the front and embellished with a felt mustache adhered with a glue dot.

This valentine would be cute with a mustache on a stick photo prop, don't you think? Then the mustache could be removed by the recipient as a fun costume for the day! Hey...I might be on to something.

I hope you've found some inspiration for your Valentine creations - and be sure to share YOUR creations when they're complete!

With love,