100 Ways to Celebrate 100 Days

It's that time of year - the time when the kids and their teachers are counting down to the 100th Day of School. The teachers always have such great activities planned for the kids that day and there are so many wonderful ideas for the classroom.

But what about us as parents? I want to try and be creative just like the fabulous teachers! So when our teachers sent home the notice about the 100th day of school for this year, I totally went blank. I did some searching on this here interweb and found some ideas, but it took a while to find something my son thought would be cool to do.

So since I've done the research already, I thought I'd make a one-stop-shop of ideas for all of YOU just in case you were in the same boat. (This is a long post, so my apologies. I figured it was better to have them all in one spot rather than separating them out into several posts.)


First up, a list of ideas for collections of different or unique items for the kids to bring to school. I suggest enlisting the help of family, friends, neighbors, your church and local businesses to amass the collection to ensure there are indeed 100 truly different pieces.

Okay, here goes...


1) Post cards ~

I have a friend from my sorority who, for her daughter's 100th day of school, put a request on FB to have everyone send her daughter post cards from where they live. This obviously required a bit of preparation to be sure she got them all in time. But with the help of friends and family and friends of friends, her daughter ended up with an amazing collection of post cards from all over the WORLD to bring to school.

She punched holes in the cards and placed them into a binder.

And put a map on the cover of the binder with stars to indicate all of the places from which they received post cards.

Too. Darn. Cool.

2) Postage stamps ~
{Photo from Stealify.com}

You could buy a pre-made set, or try an experiment like Jessica did with the post cards in #1.

3) Greeting cards ~
We all get tons of cards during the holidays or for special occasions. Hang on to them and create a collection of 100 by putting a hole punch in the top corner and binding them together with a ring or ribbon.

4) Stickers ~
If you have children you most likely have a plethora of stickers. But if not, get help from friends and family. They could send them your way much like the post cards or stamps.

5) Silly bands ~
You can get several packs of silly bands fairly inexpensively and the packs typically have multiple shapes or themes in them. Or set up a trade ring - most likely the neighborhood kids have a bunch with whom you could trade some of your duplicates.

6) Temporary tattoos ~
Get a temporary tattoo bundles from your local dollar store and instead of tattooing your kid (which you could certainly do - I know my boys would think that was awesome), tattoo an empty
2-liter bottle.

7) Album covers ~
Scan your CDs or vinyl album covers, reduce them to 2x2 squares and mount on an old record or multiple CDs. Or keep the scans the regular size and place the 100 scans in a CD case (or two).

8) Buttons ~

{Photo from Vintage Necessities' Etsy shop}

Glue or sew 100 different buttons to a shirt or pillowcase.

9) Flags ~

{Photo from unknown}

Print out flags from all over the world. This project looks so cool - it appears that they have made flip cards from each flag and perhaps have included some good-to-know information about that flag's country with it. Very clever.

10) Trading cards ~
You may already have a trading card collection on hand, so that would be easy peasy. If you are worried about bringing the collection to school, scan the cards and print the copies to take to school.