Summer Chores and Goals

Summer has finally arrived and I have the bug to be outside in it every day! My children, however, are convinced that staying inside watching TV and playing video games is where it's at. Hmmmmm. My parental advice and stories of spending the entire summer outdoors are falling on deaf ears.

A couple of weeks ago in anticipation of the ever-present "I'm bored" statements and aforementioned inside trend, I found a great weekly chore and goal printable that I thought I would use for the boys. I printed one copy out and then went on about my usual daily routine and work habits. Hours turned to days which turned to weeks. I so did not get on the ball before school got out to have something in place so the anticipated bits would not come to fruition. Ooops.

Fast forward to this week, week two of summer break. I am done with all the end of year teacher gifts, bus driver gifts and school administration gifts. I'm ready to get the boys going on their summer chores and goals. Do you think I can find the source for said printable to be able to print out more? No. Do you think I bookmarked the site for later use? Um, no. Do you think the original has the source listed anywhere on it? Nope. I have searched all over the place: my usual blogs, Pinterest, Google, Facebook and all to no avail. I am pretty certain that I had to go to Google Docs to get it and lord if I can find my way through that maze. Phooey, shoot and darn. *Insert your adult expletives of choice if need be.*

My attempt at fixing this problem? I decided to create my own summer chore and goal chart. Not that I necessarily wanted to, being that I had found a pretty darn good one already, but hey. I was living in the land of no alternative and it had to get done. And then I thought "Hey, I can share it with my peeps as my Friday Freebie!" So there ya go, extra incentive for me.

The original weekly chore chart has these highlights that I wanted to keep:
  1. It is colorful
  2. It has lines on which to fill in chores for that week
  3. It lists each day of the week
  4. It has circles to fill in or place a sticker over to indicate the chore or goal is complete
  5. It has lines to list goals for the week
  6. It included a timeline for daily activities
{Note: I'd post a picture of it so you can see it, and maybe even help me locate the creator, but I wrote all over it to create my own version and it ain't purdy. However, should you see something similar in your searching, be sure to comment and let me know what you find as I'd love to give credit to my inspiration.}

These are the items that I think will work best for our family/my boys:
  1. Colorful
  2. Spaces for them to fill in their own chores and goals (that way they feel they have some control over what they are doing)
  3. Spaces for goals
  4. A place to list the highlights for the week - while I love the timeline idea, I don't think it will really be feasible to use that portion of the original chart as our days are always different. I need to get a more flexible way to list the times each day.
So, here is the final product, my Friday Freebie for you, for personal use only:

We will be filling out one of these every Sunday, to start the new week. With this chart, the chores and goals can change weekly, they have a variety of days to complete them, and they can see what is going on during the week.

I printed out one for each boy. I had them fill in their name and then we went through the highlights of the week by day and they listed what they wanted to remember for each day. 

For the chores portion, we have our Morning Tasks and Evening Tasks that are a must do. {Here are the printables for those, but keep in mind they are mainly for school days as I haven't gone through and revised them for summer yet.} I pre-inserted Morning Tasks on the top line and Evening Tasks on the bottom line of their chore charts since they knew they didn't have a choice on those.

For the remaining chore lines, I made a document with a bunch of chores listed, print it out and cut them into strips. I placed the chore strips into a pot and the boys then drew slips from the pot to determine their chores for the week. That way they are in charge, they can't say the other one got better chores to do, and they become responsible for their destiny (sort of).

Wow - I had no idea what I did, but this was a big hit! I must say I was completely shocked when they were so eager to take part in this "activity". Yay! One point for mommy!

Then we did the same process for their goals. Strips were cut that listed various goals and activities to complete for the week and they drew their strips from the pot and listed them on their chart as well. Score two points!

Here is the list of chores and goals in case you'd like to try this fun "activity" too, chores being listed in the left column and goals listed in the right:

The charts went up on the fridge and Voila! The race began to see who could do the most chores and meet the most goals for the week. They have done an amazing job and they are doing it all with smiles! And it ties in with their free time chart and chore cards! Triple score.

(I should tell you that there is another part to this whole thing which I have no doubt is the reason for their enthusiasm: if they fill in a certain number of circles, they get a prize. That is yet to be determined, but it will be different each week and will range from free screen time to a trip to the dollar aisle to money to put in their piggy banks or maybe even uber tokens.)

I am hopeful that the eager trend continues and that it gives them a little more variety than the usual day-to-day routine.

Do you have a similar process in place? I'd love to hear what you have done to get through the summer boredom and the need to get chores done. Us moms have got to stick together don'cha know.

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